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How to save money while paying off a debt? Or a few words about refinancing without fear

You live and work abroad and you’ve had more than your fair share of dealing with bank loans in Norway, so perhaps you think: What more there is to know about them? See for yourself!

Bank loans in the country of fjords are the topic that many of our clients probably know quite a lot about. All in all, we spare no effort to provide the best and the most accessible knowledge in this area. However, even when it comes to such a broad topic as finances in Norway, you can find niches and myths that even someone like you might have believed.

Thu., 01.04.2021

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Loan in Norway 2021 - what does the market offer?

The new year favors making resolutions and plans. People who work in Norway and have been registered in this country for several years, can freely carry out their planned projects there, such as buying a car, an apartment, or a house, as well as starting their own business. For this, however, money is needed.

Let's sort out our knowledge about how foreigners in Norway can apply for a loan in this country and what offers are currently available to us.

Mon., 08.02.2021

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Cash loan in NOK before Christmas?

It is possible. Don’t you believe? See for yourself.

Wed., 02.12.2020

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10 reasons why your loan application can be rejected in Norway

You have been working your socks off for a while, toiling away in Norway to afford everyday life investments. You have a permanent job and some savings in your bank account. Real estate prices are dropping temptingly, your wife has just finished an interior design course and she is looking forward to arranging your future cozy place in the country. Moreover, it is clear that the time has come to replace your car with a new model. In brief - you know it is time for a loan.

Tue., 27.10.2020

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Have you taken out a loan in Norway? You can pay less by refinancing

Have you heard about loan refinancing? You can reduce your monthly payments by turning your loans and credit cards into one debt. If you are paying off a loan in Norway and thinking about saving some money, make sure to read this article to find out if this solution is worth considering in your situation.

Mon., 19.10.2020

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Check loan installments in Norway

Consumer loan amount:


Repayment period:


Eff.14,9%, 65000kr, 5 år, kost 28730kr, Tot.93730kr.

Do you have a permanent personal number?

Eff.14,9%, 65000kr, 5 år, kost 28730kr, Tot.93730kr.

How long have you been living in Norway?

Eff.14,9%, 65000kr, 5 år, kost 28730kr, Tot.93730kr.

How much is your gross annual earnings?

Eff.14,9%, 65000kr, 5 år, kost 28730kr, Tot.93730kr.

Do you have other loans or credit cards in Norway?

Eff.14,9%, 65000kr, 5 år, kost 28730kr, Tot.93730kr.

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To apply for a cash loan in Norway, you must have:

  • Personal number
  • At least one year's stay in Norway
  • Annual earings above 220 000 kr

Rest undistirbed, we will advise what to do

Eff.14,9%, 65000kr, 5 år, kost 28730kr, Tot.93730kr.

Estimated loan installment for 3 different rates*




Your instalment?

* Based on consumer loans paid out in Norway (2020) and data provided by the calculator user. This is not an offer within the meaning of commercial law.

The simulation is for informational purposes and does not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of Article 66(1) of the Civil Code and other relevant legal provisions. [more] Nor may it constitute evidence of the conclusion of a contract with any entity. The calculation was done with due diligence, on the basis of information on consumer loans paid in Norway in 2020. The result of the loan instalment, interest rate or total cost of the loan presented is for example only and depends on the offer and credit decision of the bank concerned and on the following factors: the duration of the loan, the bank's margin, the interest rate and the use of an additional offer in the form of: credit card, bank account, investment product or insurance product. In assessing the creditworthiness, the bank shall take into account, inter alia, the applicant's income and the state of repayment of its existing liabilities. Detailed information on the cost of the loan and its repayment rules is possible only after filling in the credit form with digi finans partner (Oy Salus Group Ab,Runeberginkatu 5B, 00100 Helsingfors, Finland, Org. No. 2765805-6) Please note that the final shape of the credit offer is the exclusive decision of the bank, based on an analysis of the individual situation of the Client, therefore the loan value offered to the Client and the amount of the installment may differ from the calculations made in the simulation. Inventive Logic sp. z o. o sp. k. is not responsible for any calculation errors, changes in the product offer and incorrect calculation caused by the customer providing incorrect or false information. The simulation presented cannot be the basis for any claims. Nor can the calculation be regarded as a recommendation, an invitation to enter into a credit agreement or a credit intermediation service. Any Customer Information available on the website www.multinorfinans.no/en [hide]

Eff.14,9%, 65000kr, 5 år, kost 28730kr, Tot.93730kr.

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Eff.14,9%, 65000kr, 5 år, kost 28730kr, Tot.93730kr.

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Eff.14,9%, 65000kr, 5 år, kost 28730kr, Tot.93730kr.

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