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You can save again by refinancing

Refinancing loans and credit cards is a topic that is increasingly gaining interest among expats living in Norway. In the face of changing economic circumstances, many people are looking for ways to reduce their monthly expenses.

Thu., 25.04.2024

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Permanent personal number in Norway: the key to cash loan

The permanent personal number (Fødselsnummer) in Norway is not just a form of identification. It's a key that unlocks the door to a wide spectrum of services and financial opportunities, including access to cash loans. For people living in Norway, understanding the significance of this number is essential, especially in the context of cash loans.

Thu., 08.02.2024

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Your path to financial stability in Norway

To apply for a personal loan in Norway, besides having a permanent registered address, a minimum annual income of 220,000 kr, and being at least 23 years old, you also need a permanent personal number and no overdue debts, which means no inkasso.

In the following article, we will delve deeper into the last two issues.

Fri, 18.08.2023

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What you don't know yet about loans in Norway - Q&A

If you're considering a consumer loan in Norway, you probably know a lot about the rules that apply in this area. However, there are a few issues that our clients regularly ask about when they want to apply for a loan. These pieces of information might be useful to you as well.

Mon., 07.08.2023

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How to correctly fill out a cash loan application in Norway? A practical guide for borrowers

Does filling out a loan application in Norway seem to be a complicated and unpleasant task for you? Nothing could be more wrong. This is a short, at most a few-minute stage on the path to obtaining a loan, where you can count on the support of an experienced expert. However, there are several rules to remember. Therefore, we have prepared a detailed guide that will help you avoid typical mistakes, based on 5 basic principles worth adhering to.

Wed., 19.07.2023

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Gjeldsregisteret – a secret debt register in Norway?

Some of our clients still associate Gjeldsregisteret with a secret scroll of records containing detailed information about clients and the debts they incurred in Norway. This scroll is guarded in the dark underground by a malicious troll who flashes his teeth at anyone that tries to get closer to reveal the secret... In this article, we try to show that the devil’s not so black as he is painted, because the Norwegian debt register serves both financial institutions and individual consumers on a daily basis.

Wed., 01.12.2021

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Do you have a debt collection? This is not the end of the world - we suggest what to do

Have you not paid for the gym membership? Have you forgotten to pay for electricity, telephone or an old ticket? Have you tried to postpone the loan installment by two months?

This may have serious financial consequences for you. First of all - you will not receive any more loans from the bank.

Wed., 03.11.2021

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To the rescue of the home budget in Norway

A car loan, two cash loans, installments for a TV, plus credit cards in Norway... who would remember all of that? And you have to pay on time, because if you forget the loan installment, the consequences can be almost as serious as if you forgot your wedding anniversary

Thu., 28.10.2021

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Have you got the result of your tax return yet? Now you can take a loan

As every year, everyone who received their tax return result in June was subject to a recalculation of their creditworthiness in Norway. Your creditworthiness, or kredittverdighet, shows your financial standing with banks or other companies. Therefore, if you have already received your credit score for 2020, make sure that it appears on the creditworthiness systems Bisnode or Experian. Otherwise, you may be denied credit.

Mon., 28.06.2021

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How to save? 5 proven methods

For a man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone

(Henry David Thoreau, Walden; or, Life in the Woods)

Mon., 10.05.2021

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