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To the rescue of the home budget in Norway


A car loan, two cash loans, installments for a TV, plus credit cards in Norway... who would remember all of that? And you have to pay on time, because if you forget the loan installment, the consequences can be almost as serious as if you forgot your wedding anniversary

To the rescue of the home budget in Norway

Is it possible to efficiently manage the home budget?

There are people who cannot imagine running a household without Excel. Especially when you need to count every penny. Plus, an obligation to remember the payment dates of numerous loans and the payment date of one or more credit cards, is a real headache.


Our clients get rid of this problem in a simple way: by deciding on refinansiering, which is collecting your loans into one obligation, often on better terms, and paying off one debt instead of several. More efficient and cheaper.


Loans in Norway - can it be cheaper?

Think: when you’re paying for individual loans and credit cards, aren’t you overpaying?
Have you ever wondered about this? When a month is financially weak, instead of tightening your belt, look for savings where you are likely to find them: in your debts!
Every third of our clients leaves with a smiling face when it turns out that thanks to the refinancing of loans and credit cards in Norway, their monthly expenses will drop by several thousand NOK. And this is a trick that you probably forgot about while stacking tetris out of your expenses in such a way there is something left for your next paycheck. All right. It all sounds optimistic, and you, despite your best efforts, may just not have time to take care of it.


Master of home budget management - a challenge, but a realistic one!

Oh, if there was some (preferably) free tool that would not only collect all debts in Norway, but also alert you when it turns out that you are overpaying... and in addition, it would show you where you can save on your credit and credit cards installments. If, while sighing over your wallet, you dream of a solution that would make your life much easier, we have good news. This tool already exists. And it's completely free!


We are talking about our application, in which you can not only check your credit and credit card balance in Norway, but you will also be up to date with the following tips:

  • where you overpay,
  • how to close unused credit cards,
  • or finally: how you can subtract something from your monthly fees. 

You can check it all here >>


Become a hero in your home - how to use your application?

Step by step. First you need to visit this website or click on the "Your Credits" button that you see in the top right corner of the screen. You will be redirected to the information page about our tool. The rest is just pretty much downhill.


• Click: download the report.

• Log in to your Bank ID.

• Mark the required consents.

• Leave details about yourself.


And you can enjoy a complete overview of your debts: loans and credit cards in Norway. And most importantly - you immediately see how much you can save in your current situation. After that you decide yourself whether you want to refinance your loans and credit cards in Norway right away.


The way to save your home budget from troubles has never been so easy. No more problems with dealing with all installments, and most importantly - you can bring some of the monthly repayment money back to your wallet. 



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