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Have you got the result of your tax return yet? Now you can take a loan


As every year, everyone who received their tax return result in June was subject to a recalculation of their creditworthiness in Norway. Your creditworthiness, or kredittverdighet, shows your financial standing with banks or other companies. Therefore, if you have already received your credit score for 2020, make sure that it appears on the creditworthiness systems Bisnode or Experian. Otherwise, you may be denied credit.

With skatteoppgjør you get a new credit rating

Creditworthiness consists of factors that record your living and financial situation, and its final score is in the form of a number. This number is the credit rating, which tells how reliable we are in the eyes of financial institutions. In practice - the higher the rating, the better the chances of getting a loan and the better the terms of the loan offer.


Bisnode and Experian update credit information

If you were planning to take out a loan and have already received a skatteoppgjør, there is nothing to stop you from checking your current creditworthiness. To do this, log into a system that determines creditworthiness for financial institutions (Bisnode or Experian) and check the current information on your profile. It is imperative that you do this before submitting your loan application. If you notice a lack of up-to-date information about yourself, you should make sure it's there.


If you don't know how to go about it - no worries - just contact us at finanse@multinorfinans. no or by phone and we'll help.


Factors influencing the credit rating in Norway

The following information influences your credit rating and therefore your creditworthiness in Norway:

  • debt - the amount of consumer and mortgage credit relative to income,
  • debt collection and collection proceedings - this has a very negative impact on your score and makes it impossible to take out a loan,
  • the age of the borrower - the younger the person, the lower the rating (this is due to, among other things, a shorter credit history), but remember that you must be at least 23 years old,
  • frequent change of residence address - in the eyes of banks is associated with instability, and therefore will be considered negative,
  • operating a sole proprietorship - a profit and loss statement analysis will determine whether this will affect the rating positively or negatively.


I already have a skatteoppgjør - what next?

Some taxpayers in Norway have already received their tax return results. However, not everyone can hope to access their score so quickly. The first pool of results went primarily to those settling electronically. Many people do not know how to read this document and what benefits it actually gives.


How do I apply for a loan?

When your credit information in the system is up to date - don't wait, just apply for credit. Remember that banks in Norway are currently offering favourable interest rates as they compete for new customers. Now you can apply for a loan in Norway with free help of English-speaking consultant from Multinor finans. No stress! We will walk you through the process and explain every step. All you have to do is fill out the application form and apply. We look forward to helping you.